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Family Pool

Happy memories with your family

The family pools are accessible to all ages. The indoor and outdoor pools are connected so they are very convenient and flexible to use. At night, you can enjoy a romantic moonlight swim in the heated pool.

09:00 ~ 24:00 (Hotel guests only)
Indoor and outdoor pools, kids’ pool, Soombi and family Jacuzzis and Finnish sauna
Swimming equipment for rent
Swimsuit(KRW 9,000), Swim cap(KRW 10,000 for purchase or KRW 3,000 for rental), Swimming goggles(KRW 3,000) and rubber flotation ring(Adult KRW 30,000, Child KRW 20,000 for purchase or KRW 5,000 for rental), Happy Nappy baby swimwear(KRW 20,000 for basic or KRW 54,400 for wetsuit)

※ Please take care of your children and pay careful attention to their safety.

※ Fitness facilities (sauna, swimming pool, gym) are available only for resident guests and ard not open to non-residents.