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Indoor Pool

The indoor pool is surrounded by natural forest

The scenery of subtropical plants and mellow sunshine spreads out like a painting, and indoor and outdoor water surfaces are connected to give more fun and enjoyment

06:30 ~ 24:00 (Hotel guests only)
Swimming equipment for rent
Swimsuit(KRW 9,000), Swim cap(KRW 10,000 for purchase or KRW 5,000 for rent), Swimming goggles(KRW 3,000) and rubber flotation ring(KRW 30,000 for purchase or KRW 5,000 for rent), Happy Nappy baby swimwear on sale (KRW 20,000 for basic or KRW 54,400 for wetsuit)

※ The following are NOT permitted in the pool: rubber flotation devices greater than 1 meter in length(for example, dolphins or beds), swim fins(flippers),snorkels, aqua shoes and T-shirts.