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Indoor Pool

The indoor pool is surrounded by natural forest

The scenery of subtropical plants and mellow sunshine spreads out like a painting, and indoor and outdoor water surfaces are connected to give more fun and enjoyment

06:30 ~ 24:00 (Hotel guests only)
Swimming equipment for rent
Swimsuit (9,000 KRW to rent), Swim cap (20,000 KRW to purchase; 3,000 KRW to rent), Goggles (3,000 KRW to rent), Rubber ring (30,000 KRW for adults or 20,000 KRW for children to purchase; 5,000 KRW to rent), Baby/toddler swimsuit (20,000 KRW for basic or 54,400 KRW for wetsuit to purchase)

※ The following are NOT permitted in the pool: rubber flotation devices greater than 1 meter in length(for example, dolphins or beds), swim fins(flippers),snorkels, aqua shoes and T-shirts.